Top 10 Urban Planning Services Companies - 2022

Urban Planning Services Companies - 2022

\\\\ Top Urban Planning Services Companies \\\\

\\\\\\\\\\ Top Urban Planning Services Companies \\\\\\\\\

  • Bishop Land Design

    Bishop Land Design collaborates with real-estate developers and public sector organizations to drive large-scale planning projects toward success. They make cities and their surroundings more sustainable, livable, and aesthetically appealing to protect real-estate developers’ investments.

    We Are Standing At The Intersection Of Architecture, Engineering, Design, And Construction To Address Diverse Client Requirements

    Scott Bishop, Principal

    Quincy, MA
  • City Design Studio

    City Design Studio (CDS) is an architecture, urban design, and planning firm that focuses on creating unique projects that reflect place, culture and time. The company is on a mission to revitalize communities by creating unique, vibrant, and inspiring environments. In its practice, CDS assumes all three roles: as urban designer, architect, and as planner to reposition and revitalize communities through strategic development.

    We recognize that the unique culture of each community reflects not just a static population but of generations living together. This is why we strive to create the planning tools, design the built environment and shape the public realm to reflect the place, the culture of the community, and the times that we live in

    Farooq Ameen, Principal

    Los Ángeles, CA

    AECOM is the world’s trusted infrastructure consulting firm, delivering professional services throughout the project lifecycle – from planning, design and engineering to program and construction management

  • BAE Urban Economics

    BAE is an innovative, award-winning urban economics and real estate advisory consulting practice. Since 1986, they have completed over 2,100 assignments for clients across the US including public agencies, non-profit organizations, universities, and private developers

  • EHI Consultants

    EHI Consultants provides the highest quality of planning and design services. The firm has since become an established planning and engineering-based group of professionals. Their diversity provides the capability to; program, plan, design and implement a range of planning projects, from neighborhoods to transportation planning

  • Insite Studio

    Insite Studio is a professional consulting firm specializing in land planning, landscape architecture, and urban design. The company offers exactly that: the 'insite' to deliver inspiring, creative, and functional design solutions

  • MKSK

    MKSK is a collective of Planners, Urban Designers, and Landscape Architects. The company provides planning, urban design, and landscape architecture practice with a network of eleven regional metropolitan studios

  • SWA Group

    SWA Group is a world design leader in landscape architecture, planning, and urban design. Their creative studios are committed to design that results in beauty, sustainability, and social well-being.From urban parks to city districts, university campuses to commercial complexes, premier resorts to new communities, SWA’s professionals create beautiful, high-performing places

  • Terrascape Consulting

    Terrascape Consulting is a full-service consulting firm providing civil engineering, surveying, and urban planning services to the development community. The company provides innovative planning, design, permitting, and construction services, regardless of project size, location, or complexity

  • Urban Design Associates

    Urban Design Associates (UDA) is an urban design firm that practices master planning, design guidelines, and architecture. They have international experience in downtown revitalization, new communities, and mixed-income housing